Savings Bond Cash In Report

Last Updated: March 5, 2019 | by Jackie Brahney | reviewed by Jack Quinn

savings bond cash in report

Your  go-to Report when needing to cash in some of your savings bonds, included with your Savings Bond subscription. Don’t cash in without it!

Quickly identifies the best savings bonds to redeem based on your bond portfolio interest rate performance. Helps you avoid forfeiting money and maximize your investment.

What We Do

  • Eliminate confusion & arbitrary redemptions
  • Feel confident holding onto the winners & redeeming the losers
  • Redeem only the amount of bonds you actually need
  • Avoid having to report excess interest earnings on tax returns

How It Works

  1. Enter how much cash you need
  2. Unique programs examine the financial performance of your portfolio
  3. Report indicates which bonds you should redeem

Created on: February 20, 2019


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Jackie Brahney is the Marketing and Editorial Director and most notably, an U.S. Savings Bond Expert for Since 1991, she has done extensive research on savings bonds and state of the art savings bond valuation systems, and heads the company's public relations and marketing initiatives.
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