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College Savings Plans Network

In 1991, the College Savings Plans Network formed as an affiliate to the National Association of State Treasurers. Intended to make higher education more attainable, the Network serves as a clearinghouse for information among existing college savings plans. Additionally, CSPN monitors federal activities and promotes legislation that will positively affect state programs.

Membership in the College Savings Plans Network is open to all officials and senior staff in the executive, legislative and administrative branches of state government with responsibilities in the college savings area. Private sector membership is available, as well. Members of the Network meet annually to network with counterparts from other states, review technical aspects of the different program types, and examine federal activities relating to college savings plans. In addition, a Management Training Institute is planned for program staff to provide training for program operations.

The phenomenal expansion in the number of programs and the interest in college savings plans has brought incredible growth to the College Savings Plans Network. Participation in Network events and forums has continued to develop as the Network works to enrich the communication between its members and the public.

An easy to use web portal for all things investing, Go here to find out information on Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Banking, Bonds, Real Estate, Financial Planning, Retirement, Mortgages, Credit and Taxes.

National Federation of Paralegal Associations

Calculating us savings bonds ? Need to find a paralegal ? Great resource on paralegals. 

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Page Wise

PageWise is the place to come when you are looking for the answer to a question. "How do I do this?", What is a good graduation gift idea? Is this good graduation gift etiquette?"Who said this?", "Why is that?", and so on.

Thus, PageWise contains links to pages and sites that have answers to questions like what give to get for confirmation gifts, graduation gifts. This means you won't find links to sites that just sell items, game sites, download sites, editorial sites, and so on. Just sites that have answers to questions and useful information.

Much of the content we link to is written by a group of 3000 people from all walks of life who write articles about topics they know well i.e. how to use a us savings bonds calculator. Other of sites we point to come from books and other published sources that contain useful answers. We also invite others who have sites that fit our mission to be listed in our directory. If you fit this category, click here.

Saving For College

Our business at LLC is about college savings 529 plans. We'd like you to know that college savings plans exist and how to take the best advantage in investing for college. You and your children, or those of your clients, deserve independent and objective advice and we're here to help provide it.

Spencer Net

For more than a half a century, Charles D. Spencer & Associates, a division of Aspen Publishers, Inc., has published information on employee benefits for large and small companies. Employee benefits is our only focus. Our editors are dedicated specialists in this complex and constantly changing field.

If you need your company to have safe investments to set up a college savings plan or need information on calculating us savings bonds this site is a great resource.

Our many subscribers rely on us to provide the background, analysis, and interpretation they need. We are known for our ability to clarify and explain complicated issues in plain English; we avoid simply reprinting legal language unless we also offer an easy-to-follow explanation.

The Investment FAQ

The Investment FAQ is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions and answers about investments and personal finance, including stocks, bonds, options, discount brokers, information sources, retirement plans, life insurance, safe investments, college savings plans, etc. I invite you to use the FAQ as a comprehensive, unbiased introduction and reference to investing. Complete beginners might want to take the tour for beginners, which includes pointers to pages with advice, introductions to stocks and bonds, and helpful reading material. For a savings bonds calculator go to the savings bond wizard.


Bank provides the tools such as a investment return calculator or calculating us savings bonds and information that can help consumers make the best financial decisions. We regularly survey approximately 4,800 financial institutions in all 50 states in order to provide the most current objective, unbiased rates on banking products such as mortgages, new and used auto loans, credit cards and more. Hundreds of print and online partner publications depend on as the trusted source for financial rates and information. Information and news about the financial markets. Looking for a safe investment, savings bonds calculator or setting up a college savings plan ? is a great resource for all of your financial research. Business Week Online Financial news and tools for the educated investor, great site to research low risk investment, investment calculators and saving for college. CNN Money Safe investment information. Planning for college ? Need get information on saving for college ? Great site to research if you are setting up a college savings plan. Kiplinger News is the Web site of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine and a gateway to all Kiplinger publications and products. Kiplinger's magazine has been providing millions of Americans with down-to-earth advice on managing their money and achieving financial security since 1947. Along with, it is a highly trustworthy source of information on saving, secure investments  and investing, taxes, credit, homeownership, college savings plans, retirement planning, car buying and many other personal finance topics. Motley Fool Popular site with information on low risk investments, calculating us savings bonds, college savings plans and using  a u.s. savings bonds calculator to figure out graduation gifts.

These days, the question isn't should you invest in a 529 College Savings Plan, but rather, which one? Choosing isn't easy. Already you have more than 50 to pick from, and more are rolling out.

If you're a parent who isn't already familiar with a 529 college savings plan, then it's time for a crash college savings  course. The beauty of these  college savings plans is that they offer tax-free withdrawals for college expenses, you can contribute up to $250,000, and anyone is eligible. The saving for college plans are operated at the state level, but handled by an investment management firm.  The good news is, the vast majority of these college planning plans are open to anyone � regardless of which state you call home. The bad news is, that means you've got to figure out which one is best.

One of the first decisions you need to make is which type of  college savings plan you'd like to invest in � the prepaid college tuition plan or a college savings plan. In our opinion, this is a no-brainer: Go with the college savings plan. Investing for college in a prepaid tuition plan allows you to pay today for tuition further down the line. Sounds great, but most of these plans only guarantee that you'll be covered if your child goes to an in-state public school. (In other words, if Junior gets into Princeton instead of State U, you could be woefully under funded.) A college savings plan works more like a 401(k). You're given a handful of investment options to choose from, and you can invest aggressively or conservatively.    

Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations Corporate Resource Alliance Credit Union National Association Lakewood Chamber of Commerce Monmouth Ocean Development Council New Jersey Business & Industry Association New Jersey Technology Council  

College Links

American Association of Community Colleges The American Association of Community Colleges is the primary advocacy organization for the nation's community colleges. The Association represents more than 1,100 associate degree-granting institutions and some 10 million students. Formed in 1920, AACC is a national voice for community colleges, which marked their 100th year of service to the nation in 2001. AACC is leading the celebration of the colleges as they provide learning opportunities to their students and communities and the nation. Looking for college graduation gift ideas ? Give you graduate a secure investment by going to the savings bond wizard. Association of American Colleges and Universities The Association of American Colleges and Universities is the leading national association working to advance and strengthen undergraduate liberal education for all college students, regardless of their academic specialization or intended career. Founded in 1915 by college presidents, AAC&U now represents the entire spectrum of American Colleges and Universities-large and small, public and private, two-year and four-year. AAC&U is comprised of nearly 800 accredited colleges and universities that collectively educate more than 4.2 million students every year. Start you college savings plan now! Go to the savings bond wizard  and his financial calculator software to set up low risk investments. Also great college graduation gift ideas. 

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Title: Hedge Funds
Description: Hedge Funds Information at - an online Hedge Fund portal for information on hedge fund of funds, hedge funds, offshore hedge funds & alternative investment.

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