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How Do I Replace Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Savings Bonds?

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Millions of Savings Bonds have been lost, stolen or destroyed. The good news is you may be entitled to receive payment for those bonds.


U.S. Savings Bonds were first issued in 1935. Over a half million paper bonds are still in circulation. Despite billions of dollars worth of these bonds no longer earning any interest, investors for various reasons, haven’t cashed them in.  Some may be holding them. Unfortunately, many bonds have likely been lost, stolen or destroyed in natural disasters.

How To Recover Lost, Stolen Bonds Or Destroyed Savings Bonds

  1. Complete government FS 1048 form, Claim For Lost, Stolen Or Destroyed United States Savings Bonds. Provide as much information about the bond owner and missing bonds as possible. Authorized legal guardians or parents can submit the form on behalf of minors.
  2. If the bond owner is deceased and you are entitled to the bonds, submit a certified copy of his or her official death certificate with the FS 1048 form.
  3. You must also provide your personal banking information for a direct deposit if electing a bond payment for any series EE and I Bonds as well as any matured savings bonds.
  4. Have the form signed by a certifying agent (such as a notary) and include the required seal or stamp. Make a copy for your records. The government will not return any documentation.
  5. Submit the form along with a copy of your Bond Inventory Report (if applicable) to the address indicated on the form, depending on the type or series of bond.
  6. The process could take up to several weeks. You will be notified if further documentation is required or if the bonds have already been redeemed.

More good news. The bond payment (or replacement) will be worth the exact same amount as if the bond was in your possession since its issuance date!

Aside from “purchasing” paper savings bonds using your Federal Income Tax refund, as of January 2012, paper bonds are no longer being issued. Note: Only certain series of bonds, such as series HH bonds, may be replaced in paper form.

To obtain savings bond values, use a complimentary savings bond calculator which provides current cash in amounts along with detailed financial information, such as interest rate performance and maturity information and a “what this means to you” explanation.


The Best Way To Protect Your Savings Bonds

  1. Enter and store paper bond information online – including serial numbers – in a safe and secure online bond management service such as a Subscription©. The service provides everything you need to properly manage your bonds and stores your bond information on safe, secure, private servers. Access your account with just an email and password.
  2. Make a photocopy of the bonds. Store actual bonds in a watertight, fire-proof safe or in a safety deposit box at a bank or financial institution.
  3. Print out a Bond Inventory Report© this unique report lists each bond and indicates important serial numbers (see #1 above). Safely store the Inventory Report and a photocopy of the bonds away from the actual bonds.
  4. Include a copy of the Bond Inventory Report with your legal documents – and/or provide a copy to a trusted financial professional, family member or heir. Write the username and password on the Bond Inventory Report© for easy access to your subscriber account.

If you think you owned savings bonds (even as a child), and can’t locate them or can’t remember if you cashed them in, you can do a search and possibly find a savings bond treasure. Just submit a completed FS 1048 form and keep your fingers crossed!  

It is always a smart idea to store your bond information online for peace of mind and the maximum protection of your investment. Replacement is much quicker and simpler when you take the right steps. Do it now before a disaster strikes.


About is an online financial bond management company providing essential U.S. Savings Bond information since 1992. For over 26 years, bond experts have created various consumer programs, tools and services not offered elsewhere, including an online complimentary savings bond calculator, providing cash in values with important financial information presented on a personalized, color-coded Savings Bond Inventory Report. Unique savings bond management services include signature monthly summary emailed Savings Bond Statements, which help bond owners maximize their investment, avoid losing money and paying unnecessary taxes.

Last Updated: April 12, 2019

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