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Jack Quinn

Jack Quinn
Jack Quinn is Founder and Owner of, a division of Union Information Services, Inc. (UIS), headquartered in Spring Lake Heights, NJ. Jack is also widely recognized as a U.S. Savings Bond expert and considered a consumer advocate for savings bond owners by helping them maximize their investment and avoid costly mistakes. is considered the country's premier non-governmental website and leading authority for savings bond valuation and management services. Jack is responsible for spearheading and overseeing operations. He has appeared on numerous television and radio investment talk shows, and was a featured speaker for professional financial planning industries relating to savings bond investments. His educational savings bond presentations, accompanied by his unique savings bond reports and services, makes Jack a sought after expert in the field of savings bonds.
Jack and his financial software solutions and website have also been touted in many of the nation's most prestigious financial publications, including Money Magazine, Nation's Business, Financial Planning Magazine, AARP, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. He is often featured and quoted in major news websites, and blogs. Prior to his companies internet presence, his software program, U.S Savings Bond Consultant earned a HOMEPC Magazine, "Best Buy" award.
Jack's history in financial software/services:
1973 -  Founded Union Information Services, which provided custom software solutions to labor unions and Taft Hartley Funds.
1991 -  Developed automation of savings bond software/services to provide enhanced savings bond education and information not available to bond owners.
1995 -  Launched The Bond Manager B2C, and, a B2B internet sites, along with phone in bond values, and The Quick Statement-savings bond statement.
1997 -  Published, a comprehensive savings bond informational website, including a complimentary on line savings bond calculator with a color-coded Bond Inventory Report. Created VIP Membership, a unique savings bond management service offering e-statement financial Alerts! with ancillary reports and services.
Prior to founding UIS, Jack's corporate IT career experience included Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Mack Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Rhone-Poulenc.
Jack resides with his wife, Joyce in Spring Lake Heights, NJ. He has four adult children and is actively involved with their eight grandchildren. During his leisure time, he enjoys reading, and has a passion for fishing and boating.
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