“I am soo pleased with your website – it has helped me keep in touch with the bonds I have saved. They are my security blanket, yet I can see where and when I can turn them in without losing money. I do appreciate belonging to your website…it has been worth it weight in gold to me. Thank You so much.”

Julia W.

“This site is outstanding – full of information and surprisingly quick and easy to use (the calculator). Thank you.”

Ray S.

“The service has been very informative thru the years…”

Gary H.

“Great Site!! Thank you so much for providing this site, it is very informative and accurate. I have cashed all the bonds that I need to for now. Will come back in a few years – thank you!!”

K. E.

“Thank you for your quick reply. Your efficiency is exceptional.”

Gerry P.

“We have found your website and information most helpful.”

Carlton W.

“Just wanted to thank you for the great info every day, your staff is doing a outstanding job, keep up the great work.”

Thomas W.

“Frankly I couldn’t have been more surprised at the ease of it all. It is so seldom that we can get that personal touch – before spending our money – that I wanted to write and let you know it is appreciated.”

Lori W.

“Thank you very much for the prompt service…you solved all my problems…I just wish the whole Internet web pages were as great as yours…thanks again.”

John W.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your staff and the Web site. From my first call to sign on to my recent questions to Jane Zanni, I have received outstanding service. Tom Hall has been very responsive to my questions about the Cash-In report. I also had a very pleasant chat with Jackie concerning my use of Savingsbonds.com and The Wizard. I have certainly received my money’s worth several times over. Thanks.”

Dave A.

“I was looking for some resources and information on bonds, stocks and other finance information to use in my lesson plans. I just wanted to take a second and write you a quick email expressing my gratitude. The resources and info you posted were very helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to post it.”

Alicia M.

“The semi-annual update service containing new tables, formulae, and revised programs is an important plus and reflects real class.  The comprehensive Bond Software program is commendable, well worth the time.”

M.C. – San Diego, CA

“Your services are great. It was definitely worth having the information of which bonds to cash and the best time to do that as needed. I would highly recommend to anyone who has bonds. Thanks.”

Nancy A.

“Compared to other savings bond software products I’ve reviewed, your product was clearly superior.  Not only does your product provide more information, such as the interest rates, but you were easy to use and less expensive.  Congratulations as being leaders in your industry!”

P.M. – Certified Financial Planner – Youngstown, OH

“Your staff is extremely helpful, patient, knowledgeable, honest and a pleasure to talk to, each and every time I’ve called during the past year or so.”

H.M. – Miami, FL

“The software works beautifully, don’t mess with success.”

P.B. – Brunswick, GA

“I think about all the time I wasted figuring this out manually…”

David Warmer – International Association of Financial Planners, President – NJ

“I have U.S. Savings Bonds from 1956 on.  I cash them in when they reach 40 year maturity.  I had no idea what they were worth, until I found your program.”

A.B. – San Francisco, CA

“…performs easily…”

D.D. – Arlington, NJ

“Happiness is the ‘VIP Membership’.  Since entering my first bonds, I have made it a habit to go in and log each one when it arrives in the mail.  It is great to go in every month and watch the interest grow and the savings grow (which is more than I can say for my stocks right now).  We figure when we retire in about 6 years, we can, whenever needed, sell bonds each month to supplement our income.   We started with $50, now have $50’s, $100’s, and $200’s growing in I Bonds, and a few EE Bonds, too.  We started too late to be able to hold most of the bonds until full maturity, but with the I Bonds we can start cashing them in, if needed, after holding them for 5 years without incurring any penalties.  We also have one IRA, one Roth IRA, one roll-over, and a SAR-SEP going.  I think come retirement, we will be okay.  Thank you for making it easier to understand the bonds and to track the growth.”

S.B. – Denver, CO

“Your VIP Membership software saved us $785.00!  We had been saving bonds for several years to buy a new house.  We had around 200+ bonds (in all denominations).  We took them to a local bank to redeem.  After the branch manager calculated up the total value her figures did not agree with what we had with your software.  She was $785.00 under what showed with your software.  She refigured and came closer, but still not right.  So, she recalculated the individual value of each bond.  There were a lot of mistakes.  Her new figures were closer but no cigar!  After spending 3/4 of an hour, she was still $100.00 off of what we showed.  As she still could not find the difference between her amount and what we showed, she took our (or rather your) amount and wrote us a deposit slip for the amount shown on your list.  If we had not used your software we would have been out $785.00!!  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

T.D. – Birmingham, AL

“I thought that I had lost my savings bonds forever.  My husband and I had recently moved.  As most people do, we had cleaned out a lot of old junk from the attic and over the garage and thrown it all away.  A few weeks later, my husband asked where the box with all of our important papers was.  Neither one of us could remember what we had done with it.  After scouring around our new home, we still couldn’t find it.  We finally gave up looking and started to try to remember what was in the box.  A lot of old family pictures, our wedding pictures and license, our children’s birth certificates, immunization records, and lord knows what else.  And then we remembered that box was also where we had stored all of our savings bonds.  Both my husband and I had been buying savings bonds for the last 20 plus years.  We knew that we had over $74,000.00 in bonds because that was what your VIP Membership Alerts! Report told us our bonds were worth.  I was sick to my stomach.  We had thrown out over $74,000.00.  And then my husband remembered that he had entered all of our bonds into your VIP Membership program on the Internet.  My husband dialed up his computer and went to our account on the VIP Membership site.  There was the list of all of our bonds.  We also saw that on your web site www.savingsbonds.com, where you have another program for people to contact the government when they think they have lost some bonds.  We completed the on-line form, (using your on-line program), attached our list of bonds to it and mailed it to the government like we lost the bonds.  The letter also said that if some one should find the old bonds, they wouldn’t be able to cash them in since we had reported them as being lost.  We are so happy that we used your VIP Membership service.  Who knows what would have happened to our $74,000.00 in bonds if we hadn’t used your service.  I am telling all of my friends to use your VIP Membership program to keep their bonds safe.”

P.P. – Sacramento, CA
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