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SavingsBonds.com was established in May 1992, to address the various needs of U.S. Savings Bond owners. Their unique tools and services, along with a comprehensive online information center, help investors maximize their investments and avoid common costly pitfalls – whether cashing in or holding onto their bonds.

For over two decades, SavingsBonds.com’s bond experts have been guests on financial radio shows, featured in major financial and business publications such as Money Magazine, Kiplinger Personal Finance and AARP, along with winning a HomePC “Best Buy” award for their computer programs. More recently, the company has appeared in hundreds of prestigious online media and news sources, including Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, AARP.com, and recognized by national syndicated financial columnists.

As consumer advocates for bond owners, SavingsBonds.com began providing mail in bond valuation services, bond values by phone, and providing computer programs, requiring mailing periodic program updates.

The company evolved into providing online services including the only complimentary savings bond calculator delivering exact cash in values and pertinent financial information on a color-coded Bond Inventory Report, along with a “what this means to you” explanation, simplifying how bonds work.

Realizing the need for an easy bond management service to help millions of investors  – as well as financial professional servicing their clients – the company developed the first online bond management subscription service featuring their popular, signature monthly emailed Savings Bond Statements providing current values, along with helpful, useful bond maturity alerts and potential redemption taxation issues.

24/7 account access to current Bond Inventory Reports and intuitive Cash In Reports allowed for quick, stress free optimal redemptions, accessible via an email and password, which revolutionized the bond industry. Subscribers could also receive optional emailed bond tips to further their knowledge.

SavingsBonds.com’s website posts periodic blogs covering important news, topics and frequently asked questions that provide expert insight and clarity furthering their mission to help bond owners understand what their bonds are worth, how to properly manage them to avoid costly mistakes and potential IRS penalties.


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Jackie Brahney

Marketing & Editorial Director at SavingsBonds.com
Jackie Brahney is the Marketing and Editorial Director and most notably, an U.S. Savings Bond Expert for SavingsBonds.com. Since 1991, she has done extensive research on savings bonds and state of the art savings bond valuation systems, and heads the company's public relations and marketing initiatives.
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