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Our "Pro-Active" Color-Coded report advises you of:
  • how to prevent taxation issues with the IRS (more)
  • when your bonds have stopped earning interest (more)
  • the best time to cash-in a savings bond (more)
  • how to avoid forfeiting up to 6 months of interest (more)
  • how to avoid interest penalties (more)
  • which bonds can't be cashed-in yet (more)

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User Friendly
  • You are NEVER required to download updated software (more)
  • You are NEVER required to download the newest interest rate tables to receive the most accurate data (more)
  • You NEVER need to back up your bond information (more)
  • Access your account from any PC with Internet access with your email address and password (more)
  • Software enhancements automatically provided (more)
  • Every time you access the service, your information is automatically recalculated (more)
  • Quick entry of multiple bonds (more)

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Safe & Secure
  • If your PC is ever damaged or stolen, your bond data is 100% safe and secure (more)
  • Data encryption ensures that your bond information is 100% accurate (more)
  • The Bond Guru service will never become obsolete (more)

Helps the Novice or Experienced Investor (more)
  • Information presented in easy to read descriptions - as well as elaborate spreadsheets (more)
  • Quick & easy data entry requiring just 3 pieces of information to value a bond (more)
  • Cash-in values and interest rates are always guaranteed to be 100% accurate (more)
  • Print out a selected group of bonds from your entire portfolio (more)
  • "Redeem" bonds you have cashed in to keep information in a separate area (more)
  • Notifies you via email about the changes in your bond values every month (more)
  • Notifies you via email when any bonds reach final maturity every month (more)

Customer Support
  • Our Live consultants are available for telephone support between 9 and 5 EST (more)
  • Email support for off hour inquiries answered in 1 business day (more)
  • Our service is always being improved and updated (more)
  • "Your program saved us $785.00!" - Read our Testimonials!

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