Manage your Savings Bonds like a pro

Do you currently own savings bonds but are unsure of their current value and how much interest they are making? Perhaps you’re interested in bond management, where you enter your bonds once and get a monthly updated statement. Well, you have come to the right place.

Blue Savings Bond Calculator

Savings Bond Calculator

Our complimentary, private, and secure U.S. Savings Bond Calculator that includes a unique and easy to understand Savings Bond Inventory Report that provides valuable financial information about your bonds.

Guaranteed accurate values for an unlimited number of Series E, EE, I, and Savings Notes.

Important financial, timing, and taxation information & common sense explanations help bond owners make intelligent financial decisions and strategic planning.



Monthly Savings Bond Statements – A monthly emailed summary of all your important bond info

Color-coded Bond Inventory Report – The essential savings bond report every bond owners needs

Cash-In Report – Eliminate the guesswork when redeeming your bonds

What our customers say:

I think about all the time I wasted figuring this out manually…

David Warner
President / International Association of Financial Planners

The software works beautifully, don’t mess with success.

P.B. - Brunswick, GA

Just wanted to thank you for the great info every day, your staff is doing a outstanding job, keep up the great work.

Thomas W

We have found your website and information most helpful.

Carlton W

Thank you for your quick reply. Your efficiency is exceptional.

Gerry P

The service has been very informative thru the years…

Gary H

This site is outstanding – full of information and surprisingly quick and easy to use (the calculator). Thank you.

Ray S

Last Updated: March 18, 2019
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Jackie Brahney

Marketing & Editorial Director at SavingsBonds.com
Jackie Brahney is the Marketing and Editorial Director and most notably, an U.S. Savings Bond Expert for SavingsBonds.com. Since 1991, she has done extensive research on savings bonds and state of the art savings bond valuation systems, and heads the company's public relations and marketing initiatives.
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