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15 Second Savings Bond Lesson: 3 Reasons You Should Manage Your Savings Bonds

Posted on October 19, 2017

According to, bond owners should pull out their paper U.S. Savings Bonds they have stashed away and start managing them. Here are three reasons why…

1. Peace Of Mind:

  • Quick and easy account setup – enter bonds once. Information is stored without the need for updating complicated programs.
  • Simple email and password allows access to 24/7 personalized, updated, color-coded, Savings Bond Inventory Report© and helpful reports and tools.
  • Information in seconds. Know current values, interest rate performance, timing and maturity issues along with a “What This Means To You” explanation to make smart financial decisions.
  • Information is stored on the most private, secure servers – not government databases.
  • Easiest bond replacement in case of loss, theft or natural disasters.

2. Eliminate Guesswork And Common, Costly Mistakes:

  • Avoid forfeiting interest – use a Cash-In Report© to quickly determine which bonds to redeem first and which to hold.
  • Know potential tax liabilities before you cash-in.
  • Redeem only the amount of bonds you need – avoid potentially paying unnecessary taxes.

3. Monthly Summary Bond Statements Alerts You About Important Events:

  • Like a bank statement for your savings bonds.
  • Know exact redemption values and investment growth with links to detailed Bond Inventory Reports.©
  • Know up to three months in advance when your bonds are going to stop earning interest.
  • Potential tax reporting liabilities are indicated if redeeming bonds.


Whether holding, or cashing in paper savings bonds,’s VIP Membership will help you better manage and understand what your bonds are worth, how they are performing and important maturity and taxation issues to help you make better financial planning decisions and avoid losing money.

To get started: use a complimentary Savings Bond Calculator© to obtain current bond values and detailed financial performance along with a “What This Means To You” explanation.

By Jackie Brahney, Marketing Director,,, @savingsbondsgal

About’s complimentary calculator provides cash in values, interest rates and a personalized, printable, color-coded, Savings Bond Inventory Report along with a “What This Means To You” explanation. For ongoing savings bond management & updated bond values via unique monthly e-Bond Statements, try a free 14-day trial of the VIP Membership which includes a helpful Cash-In-Report.©


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