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Attention Military Personnel: How To Retrieve Savings Bonds Held In The (Discontinued) Safekeeping Program

Posted on September 27, 2017

Safekeeping was a service offered to military personnel by the U.S. Treasury Department during the second World War to active members who had purchased savings bonds at work, via their payroll savings plan.

This program allowed military members to have their savings bonds held by their (military) branch of service instead of having the bonds issued and mailed directly to them.

Safekeeping services were discontinued for paper bonds in the 1990’s, and service members were expected to request their bonds within one year after being discharged.

The Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS) then offered to issue and hold service members’ savings bonds (in electronic book-entry form). That program ended in 2014.

The DFAS began issuing any savings bonds which were being held, in paper form, in April, 2014. They were delivered to the bond owners address which was on file at DFAS. According to the DFAS website savings bonds currently held by DFAS in safekeeping would were printed and mailed by September, 2014.

Active military and veterans who participated in the savings bond safekeeping program should check their records to confirm that they have received all their savings bonds. Detailed information to obtain those bonds can be found on the DFAS website.

Safekeeping by the Treasury was also offered as a general public service to (civilian) bond owners from 1935-1955.

Bonds held in (non-military) safekeeping continued to be retained by the Treasury Department pending withdrawal by owners. To make a claim for missing bonds, contact 1-888-332-7411 or use the government form FS4239 to start the retrieval process.


By Jackie Brahney, Marketing Director,,, @savingsbondsgal

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