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15 Second Savings Bond Lesson - Retitling Matured Savings Bonds

Posted on September 3, 2017

The Treasury Department will NOT retitle bonds into another persons name if the bonds have already reached final maturity OR if the bonds are within one month of their final maturity.

Most PAPER U.S. Savings Bonds – series E bonds issued after December 1965, all EE & I – will reach final maturity 30 years from the issue date printed on the bond. Own older paper bonds that are nearing final maturity? Be certain they are titled correctly.

Important: Paper U.S. Savings Bonds – that have not yet reached, or are outside one year until final maturity – will only be re-issued in electronic format only. Paper bonds are no longer available.

Electronic bonds require that an online Treasury Direct account to be set up, which requires that you provide personal & banking information. Unlike paper bonds, e-bonds will automatically be redeemed when they reach final maturity and the interest earned must be reported on a Federal Income Tax Return.

There are likely tax ramifications associated with removing the primary owners name off of any savings bond.

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