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Three Reasons Why You Should Start Managing Your Savings Bonds

Posted on September 16, 2015

U.S. Savings Bonds, owned by approximately 50 million Americans, can be a puzzling investment. Once purchased, paper savings bonds were often tucked away and forgotten about in drawers or safety deposit boxes. The lack of any sort of financial statement is likely why most don't understand how bonds work, or worse, what they are worth. Thanks to the internet, bond statements and bond management services can be easily obtained. Every investor should pull out their savings bonds and start managing them. Here's why.

Savings Bonds Do Not All Perform The Same. Since 1935, various series of savings bonds have been sold including A-D, E, EE, I, H and HH, along with a bevy of disguised E or EE bonds with patriotic names stamped on them (such as War Bonds or Patriot Bonds). The series, month and year of issue determines the rules, interest rates and regulations applicable to a bond. By using's complimentary calculator, you can create a detailed, bond-by-bond, color-coded Bond Inventory Report, which includes a "what this means to you," explanation, or by opening monthly summary emailed Alerts! Reports, you can view a financial snapshot of your portfolio. In seconds learn current, pertinent bond portfolio information, including cash-in values, investment growth, interest rate performance, along with important timing, maturity and taxation issues.

Bond Management Services Helps Avoid Common Financial Pitfalls. All too often irreversible, costly financial mistakes are made with bonds. Common problems include; improper registration, holding onto bonds earning zero interest, forfeiting up-to six months worth of interest, cashing in the best performers, while holding onto those with the lowest yields, redeeming more bonds than necessary, creating unfavorable taxation situations and possible IRS penalties and fines. Bond management services, such as's VIP Membership educate you about important information you need to know - up to three months in advance - so you can do proper financial planning, maximize your investment and avoid costly mistakes.

Better Bond Protection And Replacement. Thefts, fires, floods and natural disasters occur daily. Unfortunately, paper bonds are often destroyed or lost as a result. When bond information is stored in a reputable management service, such as's VIP Membership, getting bonds replaced - or the cash equivalent - is much quicker and easier.

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Over 275,000 bond owners, with bond values totaling more than $1.1 billion have accessed's complimentary bond calculator.

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