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Savings Bond News > Here's how the VIP Club can help save you money (5/2011)
Here's how the VIP Club© can help save you money    Share
by The Savings Bond Guru
"Your service – the Savings Bond VIP Club© – saved us $785.00! We had been accumulating savings bonds for several years to buy a new house. We had around 200+ bonds (in various denominations). We took them to our local bank to redeem. After the branch manager calculated up the total value, her figures did not agree with what we had gotten from the VIP Club. She was $785.00 under what showed up from your Savings Bond Inventory Report©. So, she refigured and came closer, but it was still not right. So she recalculated the individual value of each bond. She made a lot of mistakes. Her new figures were closer, but still no cigar! After spending around 45 minutes, she was still around $100.00 off of what your report showed. As she still could not find the difference between her amount, and what we had, she took our (or rather your amount) and wrote us a deposit slip for the exact amount shown on your Savings Bond Inventory Report©. If we had not used your VIP Club, we would have been out $785.00!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"
T. D. – Birmingham, Alabama
Good luck and best wishes from the Savings Bond Guru,

Jack Quinn - CEO -
2022 Route 71 - Suite 200
Spring Lake Heights, NJ 07742

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