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Are Your Savings Bonds Properly Registered?
Most people purchase savings bonds naming either a Co-Owner or a Beneficiary.

During your lifetime, these persons may drift away from you, or even pass away. Sometimes divorce creates a situation where you no longer wish the person named on your bonds to be entitled to receive a financial benefit when something happens to you. Further, persons whom you might wish to enjoy a financial benefit upon your passing are not being provided for.

None of these situations are in yours, or your heirs, best long term interests.

Why not take the time now - before an emergency situation prevents you from properly preparing for the disposition of your savings bonds.

Get your bonds out now and review the Co-Owners and Beneficiaries named on your savings bonds. If they are not intended for the persons you would like to receive them now, or upon your passing, you can have them properly REISSUED or RETITLED by replacing or adding the names of the new persons via completion of an on-line form from the convenience of your computer.

After your review, should you desire to change the Co-Owner or Beneficiary named on some or all of your bonds, go to the Savings Bond Reissue Service

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