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How Safe is your Savings Bond Investment?
Monthly Bond Tip - October 2008 -

Many of you have contacted me over the past two weeks to ask how safe is your investment in US Savings Bonds. To each and every one I answered the same thing:

"US Savings Bonds are as safe and secure as a baby in his/her Mother's arms."

Still others emailed me and told me that they owned more than $100,000.00 worth of savings bonds and asked if there was the limit as to what amount their bonds were protected.

Savings Bonds should not be confused with CD's. CD's are created by banks and insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The limit was upgraded to $250,000.00 less than a month ago.

Savings Bonds are issued by the US Treasury Department - Savings Bond Division. They are backed by the full strength and credit of the Government of the United States of America. There is no practical amount as to how much your bonds are insured for.

So, sleep well...

Learn the Maturity Dates & Current Interest Rates for E or EE Bonds
Savings Notes, E or EE Savings Bonds purchased before May 1st, 2008:

Your savings bonds are still earning interest every month. EE bonds issued since May 1, 2008, are earning 1.4%, and will continue to do so for up to 20 years. If they are not worth their face value at the end of that time, the government will make a one-time adjustment so that they will be worth their face value. This will be an effective interest rate of 3.4%.

Series 'I' bonds issued since May 1, 2008, are earning 4.84%. A very competitive rate in this current economic environment. Once an 'I' bond is beyond its initial six month anniversary, it earns a 'blended rate' consisting of prior interest rate(s) and the most recently announced interest rate.

There are some earlier issues of Series 'I' bonds earning interest at the annual rate of 8.52%.

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