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Oscar Alert: Indicates US Treasury Could Cover the over $10 Billion Worth of 2012 Movie Tickets Sold with Proceeds from Unredeemed Savings Bonds
Oscar Alert: indicates US Treasury could cover the over $10 billion worth of 2012 movie tickets sold with proceeds from unredeemed savings bonds. Uncle Sam could also cover popcorn and soda tab.
Spring Lake Heights, NJ (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

With the Oscars approaching, has indicated that the US Treasury Department could have covered the over ten billion dollars worth of 2012 movie ticket sales (CNNMoney article with proceeds from unredeemed US savings bonds. Additionally, Uncle Sam could have also paid for the popcorn and soda tab with the remaining five billion dollars worth of unredeemed bond proceeds.

There are approximately fifteen billion dollars worth of savings bonds that have reached final maturity, are no longer earning any interest, and have not been cashed in. Various reasons can be attributed to why the unredeemed bond amounts continue to remain high; many bond owners are unaware of these bonds, many have passed away and their heirs are not aware of the bonds, many do not want to cash them in due to potential tax problems, and many could have been lost or destroyed. Bottom line, poor bond management is the main culprit.

Over the years Hollywood celebrities have been tied to the promotion of savings bonds. Actors such as John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Carol Burnett, Milton Berle, The Three Stooges, as well as actor Ted Danson, from the television show “Cheers”, have all played a hand in promoting them. Carole Lombard attended a savings bond event at Times Square. Lassie, Bugs Bunny and Superman have all helped promote savings bonds. However, proper bond management was rarely - if ever - mentioned in these endorsements.

“New on line services, and a popular celebrity such as Alec Baldwin, could help promote better management so bond owners could keep better track of their bonds, and avoid losing money,” says Jackie Brahney, marketing director for “Baldwin would be perfect. He is already a successful credit card spokesman.”

In the past when individuals purchased bonds, many placed them in safety deposit boxes, or stuck them in drawers, or stuffed them in shoe boxes in their closets. Millions of savings bonds were simply purchased and forgotten about. Hopefully owners will start to pull out their paper bonds, dust them off and start to properly manage them. Then the US will finally start to see a reduction in the amount of unredeemed savings bonds.

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Read the original press release here.
Jackie Brahney
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