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Top Five Savings Bond Myths Revealed on
Top five savings bond myths revealed on Various sales and marketing efforts by the U.S. government for over seven decades may be to blame for investor confusion.
Spring Lake, NJ (PRWEB) July 18, 2013 has revealed the top 5 myths about U.S. Savings Bonds on their website. The list of myths was created by to help demystify and educate savings bond owners so they don’t lose money.

Many of the myths surrounding savings bonds may be the result of the government trying to over simplify the investment to help generate sales. Savings bonds are often perceived as being a very simplistic investment and that essentially all bonds are created equal. Due to this common misconception for over 72 years, many investors don’t monitor or properly manage their bonds and millions of dollars continue to be forfeited annually by bond owners.

“For decades, Uncle Sam created the image that savings bonds all earn the same rate of interest for the same number of years, and will stop earning interest once they reach their face value,” says Founder, Jack Quinn. “This is far from the truth. Bond owners should properly manage and periodically review their savings bond portfolios just like they do with any other financial investments.”

Much of the confusion may be the result of the Treasury Departments issuance of a variety of series of U.S. savings bonds such as E, EE, I, as well as the lesser known series A-D, H and HH bonds. Most bond owners are not aware that different series of bonds carry different financial formulas, rules, regulations, penalties, interest rates and maturity issues, depending on the date the bond was issued. For example, some bonds have a variable rate of interest that changes every 6 months; some offer a fixed rate of interest that remains the same for the life of the bond. Some (older) bonds actually reached initial maturity (face value) in 7 years while others may take 15 or even up to 20 years. Most people just don’t know.

The list identifies the top 5 common savings bond myths along with a brief explanation that helps clarify the confusion. Since most banks no longer offer any financial assistance with savings bonds, and professional financial planners often scratch their heads when savings bonds are presented to them, bond owners need to seek financial information on their own, often turning to the internet for information. The top 5 savings bond myths will help a lot of uninformed bond owners make smarter decisions, avoid losing money, and gain more confidence with their bond investment, which is the goal of

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