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New Savings Bond VIP Services Available At
New Savings Bond VIP services available at VIP services help Bond owners avoid costly mistakes and provide exclusive emailed Savings Bond Alerts.
(PRWEB) June 12, 2012

A new Savings Bond VIP Club is available at Savings bond owners can now become a member of a Club offering superior savings bond information, Alerts! Services, and access to Savings Bond Consultants. These services are not available anywhere else.

After years of listening to savings bond owners complain about the costly mistakes they were making, everything from cash-in errors to improper bond registration, created a user friendly, comprehensive Savings Bond VIP Club. The Club goes above and beyond providing basic savings bond information and cash in values. The exclusive bi-monthly emailed summary Alerts! Notify bond owners of current values, timing and taxation issues as well as events that will occur before they happen. These valuable Alerts! Help bond owners avoid losing money.

Member benefits include; 24/7 access, easy to understand, color coded, Bond Inventory Reports; bi-monthly emailed summary updates and Alerts!; access to Savings Bond Consultants for questions; discounts on government forms, such as bond replacement, and bond reissuing forms; and optional, periodic savings bond tips to learn more about their bond investment.

"There are millions of bond owners in the dark about their savings bonds. They want a one stop shop to obtain information, values, receive automatic updates and alerts about potential bond problems before they occur," says Marketing Director, Jackie Brahney. She adds, "Bond owners view us as an invaluable resource, like their personal savings bond savior. It is very gratifying to help investors better manage and maximize their investment and avoid losing money, whether they are holding onto to their bonds or planning on cashing them in."

About The Savings Bond VIP Club: VIP Club Members have 24/7 access to current bond values, interest rates, timing, taxation and maturity issues displayed on an easy to understand, color-coded, bond-by-bond, personal Bond Inventory Report. Members also receive monthly emailed summary statements with up to date values, interest earnings, along with emailed alerts and strategies about current and upcoming financial events, including maturity and taxation issues. Optional, periodic informative Bond Tips are included along with discounts on lost bond and re-issue services. This pro-active, investor friendly approach helps bond owners avoid possible forfeiture of interest, double taxation and IRS situations, and helps investors maximize their savings bond investment.

About offers a free savings bond calculator with a complimentary, personalized, color-coded, printed Bond Inventory Report, an extensive savings bond information center. The site also provides current series EE and I bond rates, lost bond and re-issue services, as well as links to purchase savings bonds online and popular government forms.

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Jackie Brahney
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