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Keep Financial New Year’s Resolutions On Track By Cashing In U.S. Savings Bonds, Suggests
Keep financial New Year’s resolutions on track by cashing in U.S. savings bonds, suggests Unique cash in report helps bond owners determine best bonds to redeem.
Spring Lake, New Jersey (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

Many New Year’s resolutions involve getting finances in order, saving more and lowering credit card debt, according to Unfortunately, for many, those admirable resolutions come to a screeching halt all too soon when post-holiday credit card statements arrive in the mail or show up in inboxes. suggests savings bond owners consider cashing in savings bonds to keep those financial resolutions on track.

Approximately 50 million people own savings bonds and purchased them for education and retirement purposes. Many stashed them away in safety deposit boxes, drawers, file cabinets or shoeboxes. The bonds are often forgotten about and not properly managed. When individuals need to cash some in, they just arbitrarily pick out bonds from the stack, which can be a costly mistake.

“I had over $8,300 worth of savings bonds and some of them were earning decent interest rates and some weren’t even earning any interest,” says M. Savage of Palo Alto, California. He adds, “I was happy when I cashed some in and used the money to pay off a big chunk of my high interest credit card balance. It was the smart thing to do.”

Bond owners often purchase savings bonds with long-term investment goals in mind, yet wind up cashing in the bonds for other, unforeseen reasons. In some cases, it may make sense to cash in some of the bonds, especially if they aren’t earning a favorable interest rate - or no interest at all - and put the proceeds from the bond sales to better financial use. However, when dealing with a portfolio of several bonds, knowing which bonds to cash in first, which to hold onto, and understanding the redemption tax implications can be a bit daunting. created a unique Cash In Report to alleviate guessing and head scratching when cashing in. Once a Savings Bond Inventory is created at, individuals can access the Cash In Report and specify the amount of money they need to raise. The program lists the bonds, in order, that should be cashed in based on financial performance. Bond owners will also learn total interest earned amounts which will be reported on a 1099-INT should those bonds be redeemed. With more advanced, easy to understand savings bond financial management tools and reports, bond owners can now make smarter choices with their savings bonds, even if it means cashing some of them in to pay other bills.

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