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Announcing the Savings Bond VIP Club©    Share
by The Savings Bond Guru is proud to announce our improved and expanded U.S. Savings Bond services titled the Savings Bond VIP Club©.
Same great services - same pennies per month pricing, but an even better value for our loyal customers - who we now call "Members". Anyone who is an existing active (paid) user - managing their U.S. Savings Bonds through our website - is automatically enrolled in the Savings Bonds VIP Club©.
So while you may see new titles on our reports, don't be surprised. The content is at least the same - or in most cases even better - than the services you have become accustomed to accessing or the reports that you have been receiving each month via email.
Click here to see the list of our new, expanded Savings Bond VIP Club© services.
Thank you for your loyalty over the years. If you liked our services before, you're going to love the Savings Bond VIP Club© even more.
If you have not yet decided to avail yourself of our services, may we suggest that you check out the numerous services provided by the Savings Bond VIP Club© by clicking here now.
Good luck, good health and best wishes,
The Savings Bond Guru

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