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Your 15 Second Savings Bond Lesson - Purchasing Bonds
What You Need To Know About Purchasing Savings Bonds In 15 Seconds From
Your 15 Second Savings Bond Education
Impress others with these 15 second savings bond facts. Ready…go!
How Skipping Starbucks© Helped Me Accumulate $1,000 Worth of Savings Bonds
The jolt of caffeine from the vanilla grande latte helped me realize if I skipped my regular visits to Starbucks© I could accumulate at least a $1,000 worth of U.S. Savings Bonds in a year.
Are Your Savings Bonds Winners Or Losers? indicates there is a lot of confusion surrounding savings bond interest rates. Most investors probably don’t know what rate their bonds are earning.

Depending on the series and issue date, some could be earning high interest rates for the life of the bond, while others are duds.
Three Best SBPF - Savings Bond Protection Factors reports nearly 50 million Americans own over $150 billion worth of U.S. Savings Bonds that are not properly protected.
Should You Redeem Savings Bonds Or Use Credit Cards For Vacation Expenses? reports summer vacation spending is hitting all time highs. Before swiping your credit cards to pay for your vacation, consider cashing in some lower yielding savings bonds before hitting the road.
Three Important Savings Bonds Facts says over 50 million individuals own U.S. Savings Bonds which are stored away and not being properly managed. Here are three important savings bond facts every investor should know
Can anyone cash in your savingsbonds? says do not fret about your paper bonds being cashed in by an unauthorized person if they are ever lost or stolen.
Series EE paper U.S. Savings Bonds
I have 15 $100 Series EE U.S. Savings Bonds issued in 1995. My SSN is on the bonds. My name is listed in owner field but there is a caveat stating "Mail to XXXXX" and her address. She is the co-owner on the bonds ('or' person) and is my mother. I would like to change myself from owner to co-owner and make my grandson the owner. I have all his required information. He's be one in two weeks. Would my mother, as current co-owner, need to sign any forms? She is in a nursing home and I'm her POA and sign everything for her. What do I need to do to make these changes? Thank you very much for your time and expertise in this matter.
How Retiring Abroad Affects Social Security Payments
Answers to questions about the benefits for expats, how to cash savings bonds and find a financial adviser.
Favorable Tax Advantages Of Savings Bonds
High interest rates are not often associated with U.S. Savings Bonds, (although older Series I bonds are currently earning 5.17%*). However, even the recent lower interest rates for new bond purchases can be compensated by some of these very favorable tax advantages.
Own Savings Bonds? Read This Before You File Your Taxes
If you cashed in any savings bonds, or are holding any that have matured in 2015, here are important tax tips you should know before filing your taxes:
Surprising Savings Bond Tax Reporting Requirements You Should Know
As the tax-filing deadline quickly approaches, U.S. Savings Bond owners should be aware of some important, often surprising, tax reporting requirements. This applies to savings bonds that were cashed in, as well as for matured bonds they may still be holding. Here are three tax tips every investor should know:
Sitting On Matured U.S. Savings Bonds? IRS Says You Should Report The Interest Earned On Your Tax Return
In the year a U.S. Savings Bond reaches it's final maturity, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that you report the interest earned (over $10) on your Federal Income Tax Return, even if the bond was not cashed in.
Should Investors Redeem Their U.S. Savings Bonds To Pay Off Credit Card Debt?
The average American household is burdened with an estimated $16,000.00 in credit card debt and likely paying high interest rates on those card balances. To reduce or even eliminate that debt, investors should carefully consider cashing in some or all of their U.S. Savings Bonds that may be stashed away. They might be surprised to learn how much their bond portfolio is worth, and that some of those bonds may not be earning any interest.
The Best Way To Organize and Manage U.S. Savings Bonds
For many, the new year represents new resolutions, including getting finances in order. Investors that have tucked away paper U.S. Savings Bonds in drawers or safety deposit boxes could financially benefit by pulling them out and start organizing and managing them. Here's why: declares December as U.S. Savings Bond Month declares December as U.S. Savings Bond Month. This is the best time to check out ones savings bonds to avoid potential tax time headaches and take advantage of beneficial tax reporting options. Here are three important reasons why: Expert Interview with Jackie Brahney About Savings Bonds
Jackie Brahney of knows that owning savings bonds is important for an individual's financial health.
Why You Should Hold Off on Buying Savings Bonds
Low interest rates mean low yields on savings bonds.
Three Reasons Why You Should Start Managing Your Savings Bonds
U.S. Savings Bonds, owned by approximately 50 million Americans, can be a puzzling investment. Once purchased, paper savings bonds were often tucked away and forgotten about in drawers or safety deposit boxes. The lack of any sort of financial statement is likely why most don't understand how bonds work, or worse, what they are worth. Thanks to the internet, bond statements and bond management services can be easily obtained. Every investor should pull out their savings bonds and start managing them. Here's why.
3 Great Ways to Improve Your SBPF - Savings Bond Protection Factors Now
There are 3 great ways to dramatically improve your SBPF - Savings Bond Protection Factors - right now that could help you protect your investment from costly mistakes for yourself and your heirs.
Banks May Be A Factor In The Decline Of U.S. Savings Bond Sales, Speculates Founder
Banks may be a factor in the decline of U.S. savings bond sales, speculates Founder. Competitive Financial Products Offered by banks are likely why the iconic American investment is being snubbed. Announces How Costly Cash-in Mistakes for Millions of Savings Bond Owners Can Be Avoided announces how costly cash-in mistakes for millions of savings bond owners can be avoided. Exclusive report suggests the best bonds to cash in and helps eliminate tax surprises.
Cashing In Savings Bonds To Pay For Summer Vacations May Be A Smart Option, According To
Cashing In Savings Bonds To Pay For Summer Vacations May Be A Smart Option, According To Redeeming Lower Yielding Bonds Cited As A Better Option Than Carrying High Interest Rate Credit Card Balances.
Purchasing Savings Bonds As Gifts Is Too Much Of A Hassle, According To
Purchasing Savings Bonds As Gifts Is Too Much Of A Hassle, According To Americans Want Paper Bond Purchase Options.
Interest Rates on Series EE and I Savings Bonds Increased in May, Announces
Interest Rates on Series EE and I Savings Bonds Increased in May, Announces Website Now Offering Interest Rate Comparisons of Savings Bonds to Certificates of Deposit. Completes Production Of 150 Savings Bond Tip Videos completes production of 150 savings bond tip videos. The entertaining videos were created to help savings bond owners become better informed about their investment.
Bond Owners Should Report Interest Income On Federal Income Tax Returns For Redeemed And Matured U.S. Savings Bonds, According to
Bond owners should report interest income on federal income tax returns for redeemed and matured U.S. savings bonds, according to Failure to report interest income could result in IRS penalties and fines.
Top 5 Savings Bond Tax Tips Video Now Available
Top 5 savings bond tax tips video now available at Five-minute video presents five important savings bond tax issues just in time for tax season. Announces Taxation Issues When Cashing In Bonds announces taxation issues when cashing in bonds. Who should report interest income on tax returns is clarified.
Top Five Savings Bond Tax Tips, According To
Top five savings bond tax tips, according to Knowing these basics bond tips helps eliminate confusion during tax season.
Nearly 47 Million U.S. Savings Bonds Worth Approximately $16 Billion Are No Longer Earning Any Interest, Reveals
Nearly 47 million U.S. savings bonds worth approximately $16 billion are no longer earning any interest, reveals Investors are encouraged to check their savings bonds for maturity dates.
Three Things Every Savings Bond Owner Should Know, According To
Three things every savings bond owner should know, according to Understanding these bond basics helps owners maximize their investment and avoid costly mistakes.
Keep Financial New Year’s Resolutions On Track By Cashing In U.S. Savings Bonds, Suggests
Keep financial New Year’s resolutions on track by cashing in U.S. savings bonds, suggests Unique cash in report helps bond owners determine best bonds to redeem. Posts Important U.S. Savings Bond Milestones Posts Important U.S. Savings Bond Milestones. Chronological summary lists important events surrounding the iconic American Investment over a 78-year period. Reveals How To Avoid Paying Large Amounts of Taxes When Cashing in Bonds reveals how to avoid paying large amounts of taxes when cashing in bonds. Little known financial strategy may benefit bond owners.
December Is Savings Bond Planning Month, Declares
December is Savings Bond Planning Month, declares When planning for the holidays, take time to get savings bonds in order.
Daily Savings Bond Tips Videos Now Available At
Daily Savings Bond Tips videos are now available at These short, entertaining tips inform and educate bond owners. Came to the Rescue of Superstorm Sandy Victim One Year Later came to the rescue of super storm Sandy victim one year later. Cash in report helps bond owner determine from 228 bonds which ones should be cashed in to pay back loans.
New Alerts! Report Informs 10 Million Senior Savings Bond Owners About Their Bonds No Longer Earning Interest
New Alerts! Report informs 10 million senior savings bond owners about bonds no longer earning any interest. Company hopes to reduce interest free loans to Uncle Sam.
Top 5 Savings Bonds Myths Video Now Available on
Top 5 Savings Bonds Myths video now available on; video simplifies savings bond confusion with a nostalgic theme.
U.S. Savings Bonds Helped Fund Famous Eagles Band Member Don Henley’s College Career
U.S. Savings Bonds helped fund famous Eagles band member Don Henley’s college career, indicates Rocker failed music class while enrolled in world famous university music program with proceeds from iconic American investment.
Patriotic U.S. Savings Bonds Not On The Minds Of American Workers This Labor Day Holiday, Indicates
Patriotic U.S. Savings Bonds are not on the minds of American workers this Labor Day holiday. The U.S. Treasury is responsible for the demise of the once popular Payroll Savings Plan program, according to Introduces New Tag Line: Where Your Savings Bonds Talk To You, To Reflect Unique, Industry First, Service introduces new tag line: Where Your Savings Bonds Talk To You. Tag line conveys company’s message about unique, industry first, VIP Membership services. Delivers Savings Bond Alerts! on Mobile Devices, an Industry First delivers Savings Bond Alerts! on mobile devices, an industry first. Bond owners can now quickly review statements displaying specific information about their own bonds.
Top Five Savings Bond Myths Revealed on
Top five savings bond myths revealed on Various sales and marketing efforts by the U.S. government for over seven decades may be to blame for investor confusion. Pays Tribute to the Iconic American Investment During Fourth of July Holiday Pays Tribute to the Iconic American Investment During Fourth of July Holiday. U.S. Savings Bonds Viewed as a Patriotic Investment For Over 78 Years.
Top Five Costly Savings Bond Mistakes Video on
Top Five Costly Savings Bond Mistakes Video on Five Minute Video Helps Bond Owners Learn How to Avoid Common Financial Pitfalls.
Savings Bond Owners Have a Special Connection with Memorial Day, Indicates
Savings bond owners have a special connection with Memorial Day, indicates A patriotic thread binds bond owners with the traditional American holiday.
Unusual Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Presented by
Unusual Mother’s Day gift ideas presented by Provide Mom with a possible lost treasure, and a personalized savings bond inventory report this holiday.
New, Complimentary Savings Bond Wizard and Calculator Conversion Programs Available
New, Complimentary Savings Bond Wizard and Calculator Conversions Available At A Quick and Simple Way To Copy Existing Savings Bond Inventory Into Comprehensive, VIP Membership Program.
New American-Themed Savings Bond Calculator Video Now Available
New American-Themed Savings Bond Calculator Video Now Available From Educational Video Offers A Bit Of Nostalgia With Some Classic American Images.
Taxes Owed On U.S. Savings Bonds Create Confusion, According To
Taxes Owed On U.S. Savings Bonds Create Confusion, According To Savings Bond Owners Seek Guidance During Tax Season.
New CD Rate Tables Available For Investment Comparisons At
New CD Rate Tables Available For Investment Comparisons At Bond Owners Can Now Quickly Determine If Savings Bonds Should Be Held Or Sold To Purchase Bank CD’s.
U.S. Savings Bonds Could be the Pot of Gold for Many Americans This St. Patrick’s Day announces updated service for recovery of proceeds for savings bonds requiring more than just Irish luck.
Oscar Alert: Indicates US Treasury Could Cover the over $10 Billion Worth of 2012 Movie Tickets Sold with Proceeds from Unredeemed Savings Bonds
Oscar Alert: indicates US Treasury could cover the over $10 billion worth of 2012 movie tickets sold with proceeds from unredeemed savings bonds. Uncle Sam could also cover popcorn and soda tab. Reacts to Presidential Inauguration, Suggests Revisiting Paper Savings Bonds Reacts to Presidential Inauguration - Suggest Revisiting Paper Savings Bond. Iconic, American Investment In Need of A Resurrection. Announces Enhanced Savings Bond Calculator Announces Enhanced Savings Bond Calculator. Newly Designed Report Helps Eliminate Bond Owner Confusion.
Alternative To Avoid The Fiscal Cliff By
Alternative To Avoid The Fiscal Cliff By A $54,662 Per Person Tab Might Be The Answer.
December Is Critical Planning Month For Savings Bond Owners According To
December Is critical planning month for savings bond owners according to Bond checkup can help avoid financial mishaps.
Top Cash In Tips Every Savings Bond Owner Should Know This Holiday Season From
Top Cash In Tips Every Savings Bond Owner Should Know This Holiday Season From Complimentary Reports Are A Gift To Bond Owners.
Ten Million Seniors Own Savings Bonds Earning Zero Interest Creating Possible IRS Penalties, Says
Ten million seniors own savings bonds earning zero interest creating possible IRS penalties, says Forgotten bonds could be costly.
Is's Bond Guru Breaking the Wizard's Spell?
Is's Bond Guru breaking the Wizard's spell? VIP membership the new treat for bond owners. Observes Baby Boomers Helping Parents with Hidden Stashes of Savings Bonds observes Baby Boomers helping parents with hidden stashes of Savings Bonds - children discover piles of Bonds in closets and drawers. Salutes Savings Bond Owners on Memorial Day salutes Savings Bond owners on Memorial Day. US Savings Bond owners played an important role in American history. Helps Bond Owners Choose the Best Bonds to Pay for a Vacation helps Bond owners choose the best Bonds to pay for a vacation. Calculator shows Bond values and delivers detailed, printed Savings Bond Inventory Report.
Cash In Report Prevents Savings Bond Owners from Losing Money's new Cash In Report takes the guesswork out of choosing which savings bonds to cash in and which to hold. The unique report helps bond owners avoid losing money. Introduces New Savings Bond Calculator for Mobile Devices introduces a new calculator for use on mobile devices. Savings Bond owners can now access a simple and quick Bond calculator to obtain Savings Bond cash-in values and important timing and taxation information via mobile devices.
New Savings Bond VIP Services Available At
New Savings Bond VIP services available at VIP services help Bond owners avoid costly mistakes and provide exclusive emailed Savings Bond Alerts. Hopes Fourth of July Sparks Paper Savings Bonds Petition Signatures hopes Fourth of July Patriotism sparks Bring Back Paper Savings Bonds Petition signatures. Petition will be sent to President Obama upon reaching 100,000 signatures.
New Savings Bond Alerts! Now Available for Mobile Devices
New Savings Bond Alerts! from now available for mobile devices. Alerts! inform Bond investors about important, timely financial information and help owners avoid losing money. Now Offers Automated Expedited Savings Bond Replacement Service
Automated Savings Bonds replacement service is now available at Online service simplifies and expedites the replacement of lost, stolen, destroyed or misplaced US Savings Bonds.
$50 Million is Lost Annually Due to Randomly Cashing In Savings Bonds
An estimated $50 million is lost annually due to randomly cashing in Savings Bonds.'s Cash-In Reports help Bond owners avoid these expensive mistakes.
New Enhanced Service Guides You Through the Confusing Maze of Savings Bond Investing announces newly enhanced service that guides Bond owners through the confusing maze of Savings Bond investing. Better management services are helping owners maximize their investments.
Mobile Devices Help Prevent Savings Bond Cash-In Errors
Mobile devices help prevent Savings Bond cash-in errors says Online calculator indicates important financial information. Values Over One Billion Dollars Worth of Savings Bonds values over one billion dollars worth of Savings Bonds. Over 200,000 investors use the Calculator to obtain cash-in values via complimentary Bond Inventory Report.
Introducing the Savings Bond Cash-In Report
Takes the guesswork out of choosing which savings bonds to cash in and which to hold. The unique report helps bond owners avoid losing money.
Petition to Bring Back Paper Savings Bonds
Join your fellow Americans and learn more about the Petition to Bring Back Paper Savings Bonds.
Savings Bonds Exit Strategy - Phase III (part B)
Addresses exit strategy concerns during period of years 20-30 of savings bond ownership.
Announcing the Savings Bond VIP Membership
Being a Savings Bond VIP Member© helps prevent you from forfeiting interest already earned or dealing with IRS tax audits.
How our VIP membership can help save you money
A testimonial exemplifying one of the many reasons our VIP membership can help save you money.
Savings Bond Exit Strategy - Phase Two
Addresses exit strategy concerns during period of years 10-20 of savings bond ownership.
Pay for College with Tax Free Earnings
Learn how to establish a tax-free college fund with savings bonds.
How Safe Is Your Savings Bond Investment?
October 2008 News Tip - Many of you have contacted me over the past two weeks to ask how safe is your investment in US Savings Bonds...
Are you in the Savings Bond Danger Zone?
Do you own E or EE Savings Bonds? Are you or your parents over the age of 65? You'll want to read about this Savings Bond Exit Strategy.
Tax-Free Bond Transfer
An article aimed at helping Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Boomers assist their grandchildren, neices, nephews and children in using Savings Bonds Tax-Free for Educational Purposes.
No, The Sky Is Not Falling...New Savings Bond Rates - May 2009
Worried about your savings bonds with the new 0% I Bond Rate and the 0.7% EE Bond Rate? Read Savings Bond Consultant Jack Quinn's take on the situation!
IRS Alert
What does the IRS want US Savings Bond owners to do when a bond reaches final maturity? What are the penalties you can incur with improper declairation of interest earned? Find out with this article.
The Crisis In Savings Bonds
What you can do to keep your bonds from losing value. An extensive, highly-researched, 28-page, full-color document with graphs and credible source notes.
Buy More Savings Bonds - Right Away (April 2008)
The stock market is gyrating up and down like a roller coaster on a daily basis. Read the April 2008 Savings Bond Guru Tip.
Savings Bond Growth Beating The Stock Market (June 2008)
Who would have thought that the often-maligned US Savings Bond would be outperforming the stock market? Read the June 2008 Savings Bond Guru Tip.
Savings Bond Owners Score Big... Again (July 2008)
Savings Bonds came thru the rough times of May and June 2008 still on tip. Read the July 2008 Savings Bond Guru Tip.
Are Your Savings Bonds Properly Registered?
Most people purchase savings bonds naming either a Co-Owner or a Beneficiary, but this can cause real problems. Find out what you can do to fix your bonds.
Key Milestones In Savings Bonds
Major time-line events for the US Savings Bond program. A factual and easy to understand chart.
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