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 The Quick Statement Service:
You supply us with your bond info...We produce a personalized bond statement for you.

Like 55 million Americans, chances are you own savings bonds.  If you are a financial professional, your clients own them. And, like most bond owners, you probably have no idea what the bonds are worth or the interest rates they are paying. Unlike other investments, you don't get any financial statement to track their value. Perhaps you've been accumulating bonds through a payroll savings plan, received them as gifts, or have some earmarked for retirement or education reasons. Regardless of the purpose, wouldn't it be nice to know their values, which bonds to cash in and when is the best time to sell.
How Does it Work? Its as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. YOU SUPPLY US (via fax or mail) with bond information; Series, Denomination, and Issue Date (month & year) or even photocopies of the bonds! That's All You Need To Do!

  2. OUR BOND EXPERTS COMPILE your information and create a clear and concise statement detailing EACH INDIVIDUAL bond's cash-in value, current interest rate, next interest rate posting, date of next increase in value, when the bond stops earning interest & MORE!

  3. WE SEND YOU, First Class Mail, all the above information along with grand totals and interest averages of the entire portfolio in an easy to read spreadsheet format as a PERSONALIZED STATEMENT! 
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Special Offer on Periodic Updates!
This is a perfect offer for anyone who wants personalized portfolio printouts on a regular basis. Whatever schedule you decide; Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or even monthly. You will receive an updated statement at a 20% discount. Contact us at

Your Personalized Statement also includes:

Your Name (or whatever name you provide)
Each bonds cash-in value
How much interest ($) has been earned to date
The present and overall lifetime interest rates - perfect for comparing to other investments
The date when the bond will next increase in value
The date the bond stops earning interest (with months and years to go)
Summary totals of each category
A "What this means to you" comment right from the Bond Consultant - in laymen's terms - explaining everything you need to know!
Statements are shipped free via First Class Mail


Who uses the Consultant "Quick Statement" Service? :
Individual investors
Financial Service Professionals: as a value added service for existing 
clients and to obtain new leads
Legal Professionals who provide estate planning.
Probate Attorneys / Specialists.   * Probate valuations - call for pricing



Best of all, when you get your personalized bond statement, you will have an accurate record of what you own in case of fire, theft and loses, making replacement much easier. We use the U.S. Treasury Department rates and tables for exact values.

Statements are shipped free via First Class Mail!
*Optional Services:
    • Standard Fax Service anywhere in the Continental U.S.: add $4.95
    • Overnight Express Delivery: add $15.95


*Same Day Service:
    • Offered M-F 8:30am to 12:00 Noon EST.
    • Orders received after Noon will be processed/delivered on next business day
    • inc. reserves the right to refuse same day service based on either the volume of bonds or time of arrival.


*Probating Services:
    • Additional flat rate charge of $50.00 + Charge for individual bonds (below)
Cost (Pricing according to volume):
Print out the fax/order form
1-10 $16.00
11-25 $30.00
26-50 $38.00
51-100 $62.00
101-150 $77.00
151 + Up Call for Pricing


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