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For Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Boomers
Many grandparents, aunts and uncles visit and ask us how they should go about helping their grandchildren, nieces and nephews to pay for their college education, or some other high-cost expenditure, with the U S Savings Bonds that they have been accumulating over the years. These financial needs could be immediate, or at some future point in time.

Persons of all ages - who own a number of savings bonds - are looking for a legal way to "Transfer" their maturing savings bonds to their younger family members - such as grandchildren, nieces or nephews - without creating a taxable event for themselves.

For those of you who have existing U S Savings Bonds that you feel you will not need in the future, we can show you how to "TRANSFER" these savings bonds to one or more persons without incurring a potential taxable event for either yourself or your spouse. Furthermore, depending upon the circumstances concerning the persons who will receive these bonds, they may not be liable to pay any federal taxes either. We call this our "SAVINGS BOND TRANSFER" program.

It is important for you to understand that the following processes are 100% legal and were established many years ago by the IRS. Our program utilizes and relies upon rules and regulations that are printed in current IRS Publications but are not very well know, or understood, by the general public. As we take you step-by-step through our "SAVINGS BOND TRANSFER" program, we will cite the specific rules that will allow you to utilize this program to help provide financial assistance to your grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

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