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About was created to address the various needs of U.S. Savings Bond owners to help them maximize their investment, and avoid common financial pitfalls. is a consumer advocate for bond investors and provides bond values and other related information that is easy to understand.
The company's main attraction is the easy to use, complimentary Savings Bond Calculator, which provides essential financial information along with a personalized, color-coded, printable Savings Bond Inventory Report, which is not available elsewhere.
The Savings Bond Inventory Report provides detailed financial information including cash in values, interest rates, timing, tax and maturity information for each bond, along with an easy to understand "what this means to you" portfolio summary. The Membership delivers monthly e-statement Alerts!, advising of current bond values, potential cash-in tax issues, and advanced notification of final maturity dates. The unique Cash In Report helps eliminate confusion on which bonds should be cashed in first, based on the amount of money needed.
The website also offers: a comprehensive bond information center, helpful savings bond videos, current interest rates, savings bond news, FAQ, blogs, advanced bond management services, and a link to purchase electronic savings bonds.
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